Evergy Customers in Kansas City May Be Able to Find Some Relief

During this time of financial uncertainty, Evergy is working to offer some relief. Whether you’re on a fixed or limited income, have a medical condition or just need help paying your Evergy bill, LIHEAP and Economic Relief Program are providing additional funds for Missouri residents.

The financial relief amounts available from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) have recently doubled for Evergy Missouri customers. Residents can now receive over $2,200 in LIHEAP financial relief toward their electric or gas bill. The emergency assistance benefit has increased to over $630 and if a customer has experienced a recent loss or hardship, an additional $1,600 can be provided through the Emergency Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) bringing the total amount available to more than $2,200.

Missouri customers may apply for LIHEAP year-round. For more information on how to qualify and to submit an application, customers can visit Missouri LIHEAP Relief.  Information on payment plans and other resources can be found at Financial Help – Evergy. Customers may also meet in person with an Evergy Specialist at Evergy Connect at 1710 Paseo Boulevard, Kansas City, MO or make an appointment by emailing [email protected]  

Evergy customers with an account in good standing, including those on pay arrangements, may qualify for up to a $65 bill credit on their account for up to 12 consecutive months. This financial incentive is part of the Economic Relief Pilot Program. The program is designed to help cover monthly bills and provide an easy way to help budget monthly expenses. For more information on how to qualify, customers can contact the Salvation Army at 816-756-5392 or visit Evergy.com/erpp.

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